187 FAC - Fac Not Fiction (1997)

01 Tha Frontline
02 Peer Pressure
03 Fac Not Fiction (ft. D Tha Poet)
04 Tool In Tha Kut
05 Faulty Characteristics (ft. Ant Banks)
06 All Head No Body (ft. B-Legit , Big Lurch , Gangsta P , Spice 1 & Vidal)
07 Graphic
08 2 Geez (ft. Almon D , Captain Save 'Em & Frank J)
09 Man In The Mirror
10 Ride Wit Us
11 Parkin' Lot Pimpin' (ft. Frank J)
12 Fac Nic (ft. Almon D & Frank J)
13 Paul Masson (ft. DJ X-Large)


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  2. Thank you i didn't even notice this post nice Album they Also dropped DenGee Livin

  3. We also want albums from
    D-Moe Tha Youngsta

  4. Yeah we lookin for dengee livin by 187 fac