DRESTA - A Story To Tell (2015)

01 Intro
02 Wake Up (ft. RBX, Daddy V, Att Will & Tha Chill)
03 Black Pussy (ft. MC Eiht & Crooked I)
04 Keep It Crackin'
05 Gangsta Gangsta
06 Fast Life
07 Temptaion (ft. B.G. Knocc Out)
08 Give It Up For Compton
09 Real G'z (ft. B.G. Knocc Out, Tony G, Loesta & Kokane)
10 Ohh Noo (ft. Y.G. & South Central Cartel)
11 Too Gangsta (ft. Young Hoggs)
12 Keep It Real (ft. Big2DaBoy & Young Giantz)
13 A Story To Tell
14 Grown Man Shit (ft. Jayo Felony & B.G. Knocc Out)



  1. Gangsta Certified! Good Drop...Thank You

    1. can you put this on youtube or somthin couse many people had problem with this web

    2. Our blog shuts down
      due to copyright infringement
      R.B.C. youtube channel doesn't exist

  2. Did somebody knows when some of this tracks was recorded?

  3. Of Course
    You can leave your email address here
    I'll send you tha info.

  4. Always happy to see some Gangsta Dresta! Thank you so much for this drop and for the site in general. Its always nice to see places like this devoted to the West Coast.

  5. Dresta and bg knocc y didnt you guys ever go mainstream.Or atleast major mainstream.Not to late you guys can go mainstream against trump or something.It would be cool to see bloods like yg or slim400(fake or real idk) and crips like you guys.Rivals standing against a bigger ,
    enemy comptom being all together (idk if you guys still live their and represent it still).

  6. Sorry I'm late. Please re-up the link man.

  7. Can somebody please re-up the link or email it to me? Seanc2187@gmail.com. I mainly just want gangsta gangsta and keep it crack in but if it's easier putting up the whole album that's cool too