KMG - Ear Candy (2012)

01 Intro
02 Success (ft. Kokane)
03 Hella Connected (ft. Big Hutch)
04 Challenge (ft. Mannish Flats)
05 Pomona (ft. Ha-Ha L.O.C.)
06 Ghetto
07 The War Is On (ft. Assasin & Safecracka)
08 Parking Lot Pimping
09 I'm A Boss (ft. Solo)
10 Outro


  1. Thats again some weird exe. cant change it to rar.

  2. i tried a second time, now its a rar. weird.


  3. this probably means that download was not completed

  4. i ve no idea. i unpacked it by mistake, then i had some word doc in russian language.

  5. I'm curious how you guys came up with the track list for this one. From my understanding, KMG's Ear Candy was never officially released. At one point it was supposed to be an EP and an album at another point. I found the album version of the EP, which is 22 tracks long. All the tracks on this EP are on the album version, except for I'm A Boss, which is from a soundtrack.

    Did you guys just come up with the tracklist or was the EP officially released at some point? I'm just curious about this type of stuff. I always like to know what is the most official version of a project. Either way, its a great project and only suffers from low sound quality since it wasn't properly mastered or something.

  6. This album was released on CD & sold at unreasonably high prices considering the fact that this is not an official release.
    Independently Pressed by: Street Solid Records 2001
    Advance Disc.
    someways all submitted materials on this CD remained the same low quality as the web-version.
    as far as I know ep version also never been officially released
    and as you rightly pointed out - presented here as a ''rekinco special edition'' version includes track ''I'm a Boss'' as a bonus.

  7. Oh okay. Thanks for answering!