SUGA FREE & PIMPIN YOUNG - Thunder & Lightning (2012) (CD1)

01 We Go (ft. Latoiya Williams)
02 Taylor Made (ft. Co-T)
03 Can't Smoke With Me (ft. Casino The G)
04 Can I Pimp It (ft. Bad Azz & Tha Stable)
05 Succa Repellent (ft. Ha Ha Loc & Bokie Loc)
06 Hot Air Balloons
07 Screamin' B.O.W. (ft. Audio Push)
08 She's a Better Crook (ft. Marco Polo)
09 California (ft. Ricc Jaymes)
10 Choosin' Time (ft. Co Co)
11 Shit Chea (ft. Moosei)
12 So Conceited (ft. Ricc Jaymes)
13 Know It's Not You (ft. Bizzy Bone)
14 I Wanna Be


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