LIL ½ DEAD - Dead Serious (2012)

01 Intro (ft. RBX)
02 Half (ft. Kokane)
03 The Code (ft. Moe Z MD)
04 Playground (ft. Moe Z MD & Versitle)
05 I Like It (ft. Keila)
06 Everyday (ft. Mr. Greenleaf)
07 I Love This Game (ft. Moe Z MD & RBX)
08 So Long Beach Strong (ft. P Kon & Bobbi Delane)
09 You (ft. Keila)
10 The World Made Me Cold (ft. Moe Z MD)
11 Bitch Get Out (ft. Moe Z MD)
12 Never Gave A Fuck (ft. Moe Z MD & G.A.T.)
13 For You



  1. never knew he had a third album thank you!

  2. nice man. I just heard about this album a few weeks ago. What I have found so far is that its a digital download only but Ive been wanting to hear it fa sho!!!! If you have any info about it being released on cd or vinyl let me know! Thx

  3. Don't know this cat put another album out...thanx for the job! i hope this album is good as the others!!

  4. Thanks, just downloaded this, have original copies of the first 2 cds so I am looking forward to this.

  5. yeee!! can't wait to listen to this one! not awaited huge and nice surprise fo'me:)

    thanks a lot!

  6. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh 1/2 Dead is back, greaaat!!!

  7. well well i was really afraid of bein' disappointed.. and.. good news! of course this one will not become a classic but it's a good one fo'sho:)!!
    Some good materials 14/20 for me
    What do you guys thought about it?

  8. Order a physical copy of "Dead Serious" here: http://rapmazon.com/shop/catalog/details?sessid=8HdWFOHf9BjYpZF8mMNFrJ8FCS09qCPUXBwiVxeLb9h77qYVDAYUHdh7rS00ONpO&shop_param=aid%3D637%26