POMONA CITY RYDAZ - Walking Game (2004)

01 Intro
02 Back Seat Driver (ft. Kokane & T-Bone)
03 True Crimes (ft. Lil' ½ Dead)
04 Keep It Gangsta (ft. Tha Chill & Lil' ½ Dead)
05 West Coast Party
06 Long Stroke (ft. Knocturnal)
07 Ride On Um
08 This Life
09 Crippin Pimpin
10 Don't Mean Nuttin' (ft. Kokane)
11 Tha Fame (ft. Spice 1)
12 Help Tha Homiez (ft. Kokane)
13 Don't Blame Me (ft. Kokane)
14 T.R.U.E. Crimes (ft. Tray Deee)
15 They Ain't Fenta Take My Shit (ft. Eastsidaz & Suga Free)
16 Time Hard (ft. Kokane)
17 Pomona California (ft. BG Nutz)
18 We Tha Rydaz
19 Church (ft. Don Magic Juan)



  1. great cd man, thank u.

  2. thank you iv been wanting to give them a listen

  3. I love this one, wish I had an origanal album...
    Great share!!!

  4. What a fucking bangin album this is! love this oldskool cripwalk style! keep diggin the underground folks! this is some real hiphop
    keep sharing..