KING T - Still Triflin (2012)

01 Intro
02 Tha Return
03 Do U Rememba Me (ft. MC Eiht, Big 2Da Boy & Yung Gold)
04 Pus-Say (ft. Silky Slim & Butch Cassidy)
05 Catch a Body (ft. Eastwood & BG Knocc Out)
06 Champions (ft. Roc C & Sean Price)
07 It Ain't Eazy (ft. Rampage)
08 From Pacoima Wit' Luv (ft. Valle Ru)
09 Sharkz In Da Watah (ft. 1st Generation)
10 Sharkz (ft. Short Khop, Mitchy Slick & Tha Relitivez)
11 I'm Gone (ft. Staycee Adamz)
12 LA Kingz (ft. Mac Lucci & Brevi)
13 Good To Ya' (ft. 2nd II None)
14 My Angel (ft. Staycee Adamz & Rapheal Saddiq)
15 Nature (ft. C-Bo & Matthew Aaron)
16 Tha Chill (Interlude)
17 Soul Plate (ft. Deadly Threat & Tha Chill)
18 U'za Hoe (ft. Ruff Dogg, 1 Punch & Jay Da Man)
19 Chris Rock (Interlude)
20 Step 2 Da Left (ft. J-Ro)
21 Dogz Barkin' (ft. Roscoe, Ras Kass & Tristate)
22 A Letter 2 My Homeboyz (ft. Dresta)


  1. Dope Shit!!!
    Don't Sleep On It!!!

  2. hell ya. king t is back again with a new topic!!!

  3. Ufffff thats a heavyweight thx vato. Im excited to listen to this.
    Pzzz Rekinco

  4. is that an official release cuz? props fo the drop!!

  5. On December 11, Compton, CA emcee King T
    released the second official mixtape of his 25 year-plus career ''Still Triflin''

  6. Thank you for this album

  7. Dude, are you kidding?
    You wrote ''Thank you for this album'' to every mixtape
    You do that on purpose?
    btw ''THANKS'' is not a comment