OG DADDY V - The Original Hustla (2010)

01 Intro
02 Westcoast Music
03 Smoke 1 Wit Me (ft. Kurupt)
04 Own Lane
05 Welcome To The West
06 Throw It Up (ft. Squeak Ru, Big2DaBoy & Cisco)
07 Everywhere I Go (ft. Tha Chill, Kokane & RBX)
08 Daddy V From The CPT
09 Boss Up (ft. Bad Azz & Big Mike)
10 I'm A Hustla
11 The Ching
12 Crackin In Compton (ft. Bigg Rocc & Cuicide)
13 None Of Them
14 What's Wrong With Just Hustlin?
15 Neva Give Up


  1. Thank you for this album

  2. damn
    chill out already, dawg
    I'm beginning to suspect that this is the only phrase that you know
    at least this is tha album - not a mixtape
    you always said -thank you for this album- to each mixtape that i posted