THA CHILL - Chillafornia (2012)

01 Introduction (ft. RBX)
02 Let One Go (ft. King T, Bokie Loc & Lil' ½ Dead)
03 Full Throttle (ft. Cat Iz & Ceendee Lyn)
04 We Ain't Feelen Nat (ft. Tha Dogg Pound & Bokie Loc)
05 Wut U Sayen (ft. Kokane)
06 Interlude (ft. Lil' ½ Dead & Kitty)
07 Get It In (ft. Fats & Lil' ½ Dead)
08 Live a Lil' Different (ft. Fats)
09 My Story (ft. Chag G)
10 $ Right ! (ft. MC Ren & Bokie Loc)
11 I'll Take You Places (ft. Chag G)
12 CMW Don't Care (ft. MC Eiht & Boom Bam)


  1. Hey Don, thx for this one;)
    Really dope Lp, i don't even understand why this guy is so underrated!! he deserves really more: productions are fucking tight! and tha Chill is a veteran.. when i think that guys like wiz khalifa or others sell millions cd.. that's so ununderstandable:)
    Anyway, this one is already a classic!!!!

    Westside 4 life!

  2. Legendary legendary Propzzzzz 4 this one Rekinco. Killa Blog keep up this hard and good work. Take care....

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks a lot for this 1! Is it possible to upload it on another website (like mediafire) because rapidgator is really slow. Thanks again !!

  4. mediafire sucks these days
    2-3 days & file will be removed
    rapidgator stores files for several months
    that's why I use this file sharing
    you can buy premium account
    to solve the problem with download speed & download limits

  5. Hook Up 2013 version.. its better