WESTCOAST STONE - Molly Music (2014)

01 Intro
02 Keep It 100 (ft. Siccs & J Locc)
03 Never Fall Down
04 Whats The World Coming Too
05 Cash Out (ft. Baby Nick)
06 Stack Chips (ft. The Loc & Money Gang)
07 Dead Weight
08 Dubs Up
09 Es Way
10 Tryna Get It
11 Life Ain't Nothing Like The Movies
12 Molly Music (ft. Infinity)
13 My Hero (ft. Timothy Pleasant)
14 Real Life (ft. Killa Tay)
15 She Can Be My Actress
16 Whatever U Want (ft. Infinity & Clem Reshad)
17 Outro



  1. thanks alot homie

  2. RBC Crew is now working on
    ''Molly Music - Leftovers''
    How many people would like to hear this?

  3. Due to lack of interest this project has been canceled.

  4. Fuck DazGrap (of hiphopstan.com)
    Don't Bite The Hand That Feeds You

  5. Thank u 4 the great post.....wzhat project would this " Molly Music-Leftovers" would be ????? Never heard of such a project. But whatever u post vato...soundz always good....so let the beat flow homie....thx 4 your work....appreciate