HOLLY POOH - High Percentage (2013)

01 Intro
02 Ridin' Round
03 One Girl Man (ft. Synsay)
04 Addicted Ta Da Streets (ft. Westcoast Stone)
05 I'm Gone Mash
06 Ghetto (ft. Dazzie D, K-Dee, Luni Coleone & Westcoast Stone)
07 Lining Nuggas Up
08 I Wont Squeal (ft. Westcoast Stone)
09 Stack It Up
10 Bad Bitches (ft. Mr. Unknown)
11 On That Molly Shit
12 Where Dat Gud
13 From The Bacc (ft. Synsay)
14 Mind Your Bizzness (ft. Westcoast Stone)
15 Dedicated To My Hartner
16 Ratchet (ft. Killa Tay)
17 Outro



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