CEE WEE 3 - Still Dreaming (2015)

01 A Million
02 Like (ft. Masked Anonymous)
03 3World
04 Ain't Lost Nothing (ft. Mitchy Slick)
05 In The Building (ft. Googie Monsta)
06 New Friendz
07 A.D.I.D.A.S. (ft. Chubby & Ecay Uno)
08 Still Ballin' (ft. Nipsey Hussle & Eboni Baker)
09 Same Cloth (ft. Philthy Rich & I-Rocc)
10 Welcome 2 The Blocc (ft. Spider Loc & Googie Monsta)
11 Westside (ft. Monsta Fu)
12 Pull Up (ft. Reese Bellafonte)
13 Million Dolla Spot (ft. Googie Monsta)
14 Gunz & Hip Hop (ft. Key Loom)
15 Strip Club (ft. Josh Franks)
16 Don't Threaten My Life (ft. Josh Franks)
17 Reminiscing




  1. Lamar Canady, better known by his stage name Cee Wee 3, was fatally shot at a barbershop (Official Cutz) he opened three months ago which is located on 54th St. and Redwood Street in the Oak Park neighborhood of Mid City in San Diego, California.

    On friday the 9th, 2014 around 11:30 in the morning an unknown assailant, walked inside the barbershop and open fire without warning. Cee Wee 3 was shot multiple times, then the suspect fled the scene. By the time San Diego police arrived at the barbershop they found the lifeless body of Lamar Canady.

    A large angry crowd of the community developed outside of the barbershop, emotions exploded as many residents became hostile towards the news media and police officers. Police describe the shooter as being a dark-skinned Male sporting dark clothes with a Baseball cap. Lamar Canady (Cee Wee 3) was 32 years old at the time of his death he left behind four children including a baby girl.