BLOODY MARY - Day Of Resurrection (2002)

01 Slap Da Muthafutha Like A Bitch
02 Piru Luv 2002
03 Bloody Marys Homies Rap
04 Fruit Town Brim Shit
05 Kill Crabs 4 Fun
06 Crabs We Wreck
07 Bitch Is Dangerous
08 Gangsta Mutcha Fuckin' Props
09 My Pussy Iz Prejudice
10 Murder 1 On A Punk Mutha Fucka
11 Hardest Bitch Ever 2 Serve
12 Lost Ya Mutha Fuckin' Scruples
13 C.K
14 Put Dat On Da B
15 Bitch Get Lifted
16 Fuck E-Rickets
17 Crabs Keep On Slippin' Closed Casket
18 Fuck Crabs
19 Break Ah Mutha Fucka Down
20 Bloody Mary Says Fuck U
21 Home-N-A Fuckin' Body Bag
22 Regulate It




  1. One of the hardest female rap artists from the West Coast has passed.
    Bloody Mary, whose real name was Rajni Faulks was run over during a high speed chase in Compton, CA
    Bloody Mary was on a motorcycle going to a Harley Davidson event when a car that was running from the police in Compton hit her, during the chase, and threw her from her bike.
    Mary’s lungs where crushed, her hips were crushed and she had swelling of her brain and numerous other injuries. The doctors put her on life support & gave her 24 hrs. to live.
    She later was removed from the life support & just could not fight any longer.
    She passed 21.11.2006