CRICET - Blue Damien (2005)

01 Blue Damien
02 These Streets (ft. C-Band)
03 In The Game (ft. C-Band)
04 It's Cricet's Turn (ft. Steve Vicious)
05 That Heat Roc
06 Lost & Burnt Out (ft. C-Band)
07 You Can't Tell Us Shit (ft. J.L., D.I. & Complex)
08 Skit
09 Gettin' High All Nite
10 Heated (ft. C-Band)
11 Eternity (ft. C-Band)
12 Gang Life
13 In Your Ear (ft. Steve Vicious)
14 Nuna Y'all Niggas (ft. Mitchy Slick)
15 Somethin' Bout Those Heaters
16 Skit 2
17 I Need It (ft. E-Mortal Gang & Ms. Chatney)
18 E-Mortal Infamous
19 Hood Mob (ft. C-Band & The Castle People)
20 Kingzilla



  1. hey bro can you re up the eastwood albums! gods gift and the ride?

  2. hey bro and can you also upload all of dr dre's son's music his name is curtis young? this one in particular!!! Curtis Young - Doctor’s Note EP - 2012

  3. and again thank you very much for all this westcoast music

  4. Allloooo Rekinco...i dont know Cricet...iam always excited as fuck to listen to artist that i dont know befor...thank u 4 posting ombre...take care

  5. @ wstsider
    I have no respect to the studio gangstas & to their relatives
    so I have to deny your request about --Doctor’s Note EP''--
    Anyway thanx for the kind words about my work

  6. As 4 Eastwood
    I can send you one of those albums that you asked for
    just leave your email address here if you still need this
    Name Vs. Way Of Life (Gods Gift)
    Just wanna let you know
    He is not the same rapper you know as a former member of Death Row Records