MR. KEAL - The Opposite Of Hate! (2002)

01 Watts Life
02 Tha Hustle (ft. Callacoe)
03 Cry Sometimez
04 All Up N' Yo Gutz
05 Don't Hate Us (ft. Tha Young Hoggs)
06 People Dien
07 That'z My Life (ft. Mista Mac & Big Arch)
08 Tha Strongest
09 A Gee Story
10 Chec Tha Mic (ft. Bruce Wayne)
11 Life Ain't
12 Put That On Yo Hood (ft. Callacoe)
13 Nine One One
14 How Many Nz U Know (ft. Hydro & Callacoe)
15 Ghetto Politicz (ft. Swoop G & Jayo Felony)
16 Trouble Dayz (ft. Piper & Kay Nine)
17 These Thingz (ft. Mista Mac & Big Arch)


  1. Nice Drop. Kill Kill did a song dissin Pac he said that pac stole his concept for his hit single Dear Mama...

  2. Here We Go One Time (2Pac Diss)