TWEEDY BIRD LOC - No Holds Barred (1994)

01 Album Bitch (ft. Ronnie Phillips)
02 Tweedy For President
03 Dub Sack
04 I'm Calling You A Bitch (ft. Fo Clips)
05 Walk That Walk (ft. Young Soldierz, Keystone & Fo Clips)
06 Outta Here (ft. Lil' Leak, Redrum & Silkski)
07 Girls I've Done Fuck Before (ft. Lil' Leak, Big Bun & Fo Clip)
08 Keep On Walkin' (ft. Big Wy & Fo Clips)
09 My Dick Is Still Prejudiced
10 Gangsta Tweed
11 I Got My Strap
12 Fuck Miami (ft. Fo Clips, Keystone & Ronnie Phillips)
13 C Thru The Bullshit (ft. Baby Bird)
14 Real Gangsta Shit
15 Y'all Can't Fuck With Us (ft. Redrum, Fo Clips & Big Bun)
16 Street Jokes
17 Dangerous Is The Shit (ft. Lil' Stretch, Big Wy, Redrum, Fo Clips & Big Stretch)
18 Shout Out (ft. Big Bun & Fo Clips)



  1. Ohhhhhh good lookin Rekinco....this bird iz bangin...thanks a lot 4 the record and the video....