C-SICCNESS - SD Original 619 (2015)

01 Intro
02 Niggaz Wit a Attitude (ft. Curtis Young)
03 C-Siccness Upside Ya Head
04 Old School Niggaz (ft. Luni Coleone)
05 Ya Niggaz Ain't Real
06 Bring It 2 Ya Face (ft. Lil' Uno)
07 Super Fly Crippin'
08 My Niggaz Is Down 2 Ride (ft. Sylk-E Fyne, Big June, Baby Eazy E-3, Tynie Byrd, Mouch Massive, Thai Roc & Armageddon Miyers)
09 Ya Better Get Dat Right (ft. I-Rocc & Smigg Dirtee)
10 We Make Chit Happen
11 Salty D (ft. Cricet, Mouch Massive & C-Band)
12 Dis Is How We Roll (ft. Bo Roc, Young Nate & Baby S)
13 Super Fly Crippin' II
14 Cali Livin'
15 21 Gun Salute (ft. Cobra Snake Da Venomus, I-Rocc & Mouch Massive)
16 If It Ain't
17 Don't Be Afraid (ft. Armageddon Miyers & Winny MC)
18 Gangsta Chit (ft. Armageddon Miyers, Mr. Toks, Winny MC, Thai Roc, Mr. Ridaz, Mz. Mistress, Lil' Vanzo & Dorss Sick Joker)
19 Save Our Boltz (ft. Roadeezy)



  1. yo bro what up! can u get this album by the IV Life Family & Tha Eastsidaz - Dueces, Tray's and Fo's

  2. @ wstsider
    first of all i suggest you to hit the ''join this site'' button
    cause we usually doesn't fulfil the requests
    but sometimes we make an exceptions for registered members & friends
    btw i already posted 2 albums that you asked for & you didn't even said thanks
    anyway I'm not a big fan of Tha Eastsidaz & don't have this album in my collection
    & don't get me wrong here GOLDIE & TRAY are Real G'z & i respect both of them
    but when it comes to the albums Lousy Dogg starts to whine and act like a gangster.
    and turns good work into a joke.

  3. Hi bro, it's Rapscallion
    Maybe it's time to close the access to the anonymous blog readers? You can restrict access to the blog by opening it only for Registered Members. They will need to log in to R.B.C. to see new posts & links. The List of participants can be changed at any time. think about it.

  4. @ Rapscallion
    Check your e-mail, Comrade!

  5. i am pretty sure i did say thank you! if i didn't i apologize! thank you very much you guys have some bad ass albums on here i will be more than happy to join the site!

  6. I mean 2 new albums by B.G. anyway
    welcome on board, Comrade!

  7. THank u 4 the Record and the Video...appreciate...