MAKO CAPONE - Straight Out In Compton (2015)

01 Player
02 Going Back To Compton
03 It's Hard
04 Change
05 Bitch Look At Me
06 Contraband
07 I Got This
08 On My Grizzy
09 Thousands
10 Frequencies



  1. can we post up or send them to you! diss tracks from the westcoast or old diss tracks? like when daz and kurupt were going at it because daz straight killed him in a track called eat a dick!

  2. my bad it's called eat a Dicc Ricc

  3. @wstsider
    First of all thank you for your offer
    but if you take a closer look at ''the menu'' you'll not find any compilations (v/a) here.
    back in the days ''ryder muzic'' came out in 10 volumes
    It was an exclusive R.B.C. compilation
    but later we shut down the links.
    from now on only the albums & mixtapes

  4. Pay attention to the right column.
    under the R.B.C. logo you'll find the button ''join this site''

  5. i am already a member don! i just wanna help out in anyway i can.:)

  6. Just leave your comments from time to time.
    Thanx again.

  7. no problem don and will do! thank you for everything you are doing!

  8. Craaaazyyyyy post ombre.....luv this Mako stuff...im excited az fucccccccc to listen to this...thank uuuu again and agian...big propzzu Rekinco....