BALLIN ASS DAME - Get Rich Quick Schemes (2001)

01 Hood Fellaz
02 Livin' Life (ft. Cellski & Luni Coleone)
03 Fuck Wit' Me (ft. Big Hollis)
04 We Got Dat Work (ft. Mic-C & Hollow Tip)
05 Can I Ball
06 Keep It Gangsta (ft. C-Bo)
07 Greed
08 My Pedigree (ft. Male & Mic-C)
09 How We Ride (ft. J-Mack & Hollow Tip)
10 Sicc-N-High (ft. Brotha Lynch Hung)
11 Get Rich Quick Schemes (ft. Marvaless & Infamous)
12 I'm a Hustle (ft. Hollow Tip, Mic-C & Playa Shane)
13 Outta Control (ft. Jay Hawg)
14 All 'Bout Da Papers (ft. Luni Coleone & X-Raided)
15 Money Makes The World Spin (ft. Gangsta Dre)
16 The Mobb (ft. Hollow Tip, Dubee, Pieface & Skee 64Oz.)



  1. Thanks for the request mane, I'll make a few more requests in case you have em.

  2. Ohhhooooo mannnneeee....bangin record bruh....thank u so much 4 this drop brate....propzzzz porpzzzz and again mangare....appriciate yyour work