KAM - Mutual Respect (2016)

01 This 'Fa Yall (ft. Young Blu & Bo Roc)
02 Mutual Respect (ft. Sick Jacken & Mac Doe)
03 Wouldn't Be LA (ft. Yung We$t)
04 Waiting For Your Letters (ft. Mr. Criminal, Kurupt & Knotch)
05 Front & Back (ft. Mr. Capone-E)
06 Youtube Gangtsa (ft. King Lil' G)
07 Lookin' At My Rolie (ft. Kiki Smooth)
08 Nowhere (ft. Xzibit)
09 Hold You Down (ft. Lil' Rob & Glasses Malone)
10 What's Real (ft. Troublesome & Blazer HP)
11 We Got The Crown (ft. Game & Sleepy Malo)
12 Throw 'Um Up (ft. Glasses Malone & Mr. Criminal)
13 Chop It Up (ft. Kilo & Rose Gold)
14 From My Hood To Yo Hood (ft. Chino Grande)
15 Never Look Back (ft. Rigo Luna, AP & MC Magic)
16 Skull & Bones (ft. Short Dawg Tha Native & Wylde Flowher)
17 Idk Idc (ft. Kamal Shah & Kurupt)




  1. You are still a hero!! Much love!!

  2. Errrthing iz down brah...fuck...what happen homie ?

  3. rappers became too sentimental
    constantly complain on the files & threatened to sue me
    they sent complaints of copyright infringement even on the albums which was recorded in 90s
    supposedly they still make money on the sale of the old shit :-)
    comments like ''I'll sue you if you don't take down the link'' etc. is funny to me.
    I don't know how to describe this behavior. Internet gangsterism or dreams of past glory. Similar complaints led to the removal of turbobit account & looks like we can't do anything about it.

    All you old rappers trying to advance
    It's all over now, take it like a man
    Niggas lookin like Larry Holmes, flabby and sick
    Tryin to player hate on my shit, you eat a fat dick

  4. Any chance of getting this in 320?

  5. Eventually i also want to say something.
    i think the most important thing that this vets don't understand is - if the listener want to by hard copy of the album he will do it even if he has it in mp3. what we really tried to do here is show to the new generation the true west coast sound.

    ask any youngster now - who is your favorite westcoast rapper? 9 times out of 10 they will tell you THE GAME or KENDRICK LAMAR. most of the young listeners don't even heard about true west coast pioneers. and all we wanted to do here is post a few albums & rate them. to acquaint listeners with the works of a particular artist.

    but shit is went wrong. and now those rappers are suing us. such a strange way to thank us for free advertising.

    for example rappers like Spice 1 or Bossolo are
    Real G-entlemens
    They politely asking to remove the link & i'm doing that immediately.

    but some of the ''former celebrities'' submitting the applications of copyright infringement that led to the closure of sources like this one.

  6. Man this is sad...a legendery blog iz shut down...rappers threaten you guys for what tho ? It dont matter. If you guys have time,we could build a close community.
    I want to thank u guys 4 a great time, a lot of great,bangin, emotional,deep,strong,great vibed Music. Thank u 4 showing me great records that i dont know. thanks 4 great videos and a real good work. You guys stayed in contact and answered almost every question with the members. I love Music and enjoyed the time listening to great artist i get to know from this blog. I often think "what would be if this blog wouldnt exist ? would i get to know this great artist?" Maybe i would maybe i dont.
    I appreciate your work, the time and luv u put in this project. Fuck man i get emotional almost start to cry...hahah. 4 me this site will never be shut down thou...will fisit it everyday to check 4 some changes. Cant stop wont stop.
    Once again thank u. Much respect and luv from Germany...

  7. Big Thanks for your kind words, Comrade
    everything comes to an end sooner or later
    we still have option to restrict access to the blog by opening it only for Registered Members. but i think It makes no sense because the maximum number of regular readers may not exceed 100 people.

  8. It makes no sense because files that doesn't download within 45 days is deleted automatically. you know that better than me, DoN.
    100 people will not be able to keep all those links alive. plus it's a hard work to re-up all those albums. i only have half of them on my laptop. so i can't help you with that.

  9. amazing blog! thank you guys and good luck.

  10. sup Don, man i tried to holla tru your email but it not working anymore .. please could you give me your new contact? i didnt change mine ;) peace

  11. Sup Big L
    shit ain't changed, homie, shit ain't changed
    check yo mail

  12. dawn each tie i try to send a email to you, it comes back to me sayin Delivery to the following recipient failed permanentl.. and it says account is disabled :(

  13. sorry it's lavidav of course.. ^

  14. on one hand i see posts like this one
    artist says thanks for posting his shit.
    on the other hand i see posts like this
    artist says turn the link down or i will sue you. wtf?

    1. that nigga should be lucky somebody is still helping hime out and promoting his music!

  15. Next album of Havikk should be called 'Informant'

  16. This site was the shit, ya'll answered at least 5 of my rare requests, and I still bump them till this day, my west coast collection is up to 800 albums now. I stopped by to check up on any update but I see ya'll got shut down, thanks for all the work ya'll put in for us true gangsta rap fans/collectors. Shout out from Los Angeles County, West Side Fo Life.