FOESUM - U Heard Of Us (2005)

01 Intro
02 U Heard Of Us
03 Till The Wheelz Fall Off (ft. Kam)
04 The Way We Do
05 Baby Girl (ft. Relm)
06 Somethin' About U (ft. Cigar Lee)
07 Straight Conversation (ft. XL Middleton)
08 Best Thingz In Life R Free (ft. Bo-Roc)
09 West Coast Ridaz (ft. Ricc D)
10 Keep It On The Lolo (ft. Trip Locc)
11 In The City
12 Hold On
13 Hey (ft. E-White)
14 Trick Pleaze (ft. Ricc D)
15 The Grand Finale (ft. Twinz, Cigar Lee & Devoe)
16 Outro


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