1. 37-year-old Dominic Newton, who went by the stage name “The Jacka” was shot by an unidentified gunman along MacArthur Boulevard by 94th Avenue.
    Oakland Police said officers were in the area at the time when they heard gunshots. Patrol units arrived and found a man later identified as Newton suffering from an apparent gunshot wound. He was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

  2. RIP. I remember back in the day I bought his self titled album based off a ad in the source magazine and knowing he was down with C-Bo and Mob Figaz. But I never really got a chance to really get in to his music much in the past years besides the stuff he did recently with Freeway. Do you plan on posting some of his albums on here soon? I'd love to give it a listen and see what I missed out on

  3. yeah so sad... another rapper dying young by the guns...

    RIP Tha Jacka