KAM - Kamnesia (2001)

01 Kamnesia
02 Have a Fit
03 Where I Come From (ft. Solo)
04 Benefits
05 Bounce Trick (ft. Jazze Pha)
06 Bang Bang (ft. Mystic)
07 They Like Dat (ft. Dresta, Jayo Felony & Yukmouth)
08 Let's Hook Up
09 What I Look Like (ft. Mystic)
10 Giddie Up
11 Insert
12 Godbrotha
13 Active (ft. Spade)
14 Wardance



  1. How do you give this 5 stars when it's really a disappointing, bad album by Kam. His earlier albums before this really are good and got a few really dope tracks like "Keep Tha Peace". People, please stop reviewing albums 5 ouf ot 5 just because you like the artist in general. Seems like you got a strange taste when it comes to gangsta rap if you really think this album is great.

  2. I never said that 2 other albums by Kam is weaker...they all represent their era - and very different from each other...This album was released in 2001 and sounds great in comparison with the majority of the albums that comes out in the beginning of the new century...And i'm not the one who reviewing albums 5 out of 5 just because i like the artist in general...Check out BIG HUTCH...i gave 2 stars to his weak as fuck ''The Only Solution'' album...although worthy albums have earned 5 stars...I started to listening gangsta rap before KAM released his first album - so leave your opinion about my strange taste to yourself...Thanx for your comment anyway.

  3. well well well... i don't get u funksane.. you can't tell this album is bad.. it's only your opinion and i don't think that you have the right to judge other people's tastes.. moreover when it's the hand that feed you mayne !
    Just to let you know, this : Kamnesia would peak at #69 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and #40 on the Top Heatseekers... so you see, lots of people has a totally different point of view than yourz.. and honestly, your comment doesn't help in anything! if you don't feel this album, then don't download it, but why critize Tha DON and his music tastes.. once again i don't get you mayne!
    This album deserves 4 stars at least to me and i'm not shocked to see a 5 stars rating.. it's just a question of feelings!

    That says, thanks again Don for all the music you share with us, even if some peoples could be irritating sometimes ;)

    Peace and keep it up boss!


  5. I Totally disagree with funksane.
    Dope album by KAM and he rightfully earned 5 stars.
    I respect this website & taste of the person who created this spot full of rare & dope content & most of the times I fully agree with ratings which assigns to the albums. so maybe something is wrong with your music taste, fanksane?
    Keep doing your thing Rekinco & don't pay attention on provocations!

  6. I knew you all would reply like that. Defending the buy who got this blog. I'm also grateful for cgrating this blog and wanna thank the blogger for this. I am not provocating anything here. I'm still gonna keep my point here, that this album isn't really that good. I think i'm gonna listen to this properly once more and then get back here to tell my opinion if it changed. Just say ya'll agree with one thing here, this is not KAM's best album so far. Or does someone think it is? I'm really waiting for his upcoming album and i think it's gonna be good for real. Everyone got their opinions and even when we're all g-funk and gangsta rap heads, sometimes even we disagree in some albums. If you check out my youtube channel, you'll notice who i really am in my music taste. https://www.youtube.com/user/aahee

    1. http://rateyourmusic.com/release/album/kam/kamnesia/
      Here are some reviews to be taken seriously. 2,5/5 i cna understand. Still i'm asking you rating this album 5/5, point some good things about Kamnesia for me. Lyrics are solid, but the beats on this whole album are just, not the kind of beats i consider as dope. Kam as a rapper is dope, but production on this album fails badly. For example if we compare Kamnesia to Dr. Dre's 2001, you can't even start comparing these two cause 2001 is so much better when it comes to beats. Maybe not the best example but still.

  7. 4 Sho it's not the best Example)
    Fuck Dr. Dre & his gayass beats cause - Damn it's a trip how a nigga could switch so quick from wearin' lipstick to smokin' on Chronic at Picnics.
    I better compare it with Platinum Game by CJ MAC - at least i know he is a gangsta + i have the same point of view wit CJ when it comes to Dr. Dre. you can check track#3 to understand what i'm talking about. Anyway - I do not want to argue with you, funksane. each person has their own taste - this is what distinguishes humans from robots. and I'm not the one who first began to criticize another person's taste. It was you, right? you could simply leave opinion about the album. but you didn't. that's how this shit got started. Anyway, I'm glad to be involved in conversations like this here. at least we finally found something to discuss. I want to thank everyone for the warm words about my work, I try my best.

  8. & Yes -
    both of the earlier albums by Kam is better. but KAMNESIA sounds way better than beats of some Studio Gangstas.
    What about the New Album - I hope it will be good, but i also sure that he wouldn't reach to the level of previous works.
    & i'll be glad if i'm wrong. That's all.

    1. Yea you're right and i gotta agree with you fully. I started this whole thing and am responsible of my saying as we all, but in the end it's all good. Thank you for your messages and for keepin it real.