N.U.N.E. & SHADE SHEIST - Movin Units (2010)

01 National
02 Movin' Like A Boss
03 Baby We Can Do It
04 Ghetto Pass (ft. Redrum 781)
05 U Don't Wanna Come My Way (ft. Redrum 781)
06 It Doesn't Matter (ft. Nitty Black)
07 That's Where We Form (ft. Domino, Redrum 781 & Shorty Bang)
08 The West Coast (ft. Redrum 781)
09 N9nes N9nes N9nes (ft. Eddie Kane Jr.)
10 Sucpiyc
11 Pimp
12 U Ain't Supposed 2 Stop (ft. Eddie Kane Jr.)
13 I Can Fuck Yo Bitch (ft. Smokey)
14 These Hoes
15 Give Me The Night (ft. Tone Kelsey & Redrum 781)
16 Win Lose Or Draw (ft. Redrum 781)



  1. Got that one ;)
    Damizza still making dope beats !! i think he deserves to be a little more known ;) Dope Album

  2. Let's take a closer look at that album, Dawg.
    ''Movin' Like A Boss'' single - is Dope as Fuck!!! but this album contains 16 tracks
    so if we just remove this dope single - the rest of the album wouldn't be sounds so great. few more tracks are also cool - but it's not even the half of the album.
    I'm used to assess the albums as one piece & i can't give 5 stars to the album that contains tracks like ''U Ain't Supposed 2 Stop'' because it's not even close to ''DOPE'' level in my opinion. I hope you agree with Me.

  3. yeah true, this album also contains some weak tracks... the worst is the one you have mentioned above for sure! But i still feel this album good... not for a 5 stars rating.. 4 stars looks good for this album..