SUGA FREE & PIMPIN YOUNG - Blood Makes You Related, Loyalty Makes You Family (2015)

01 Intro
02 Where'd I Go Wrong (ft. Brittany Yates)
03 The Players Ball Call
04 I Get It From My Dad (ft. Lil' Slim)
05 My Town (ft. PriceTag)
06 Barbary Coast (ft. Nate Dogg)
07 A Pimp In Practice
08 Never Know (ft. Supa Mac)
09 Game Spittas Of America (ft. Silky Slim)
10 Pimpin' Around The World (ft. Mr. Kokane)
11 What The Fuck I Do 2 U (ft. Bobby B)
12 A Pimp In Practice 2
13 Bad Bitches (ft. The Stable)
14 Wish A Mutha Fucka Would (ft. Moosei The Brim)
15 15 Minutes To 5 (ft. Nate Dogg)
16 A Pimp Perfected
17 Friendship Test (ft. Tweed Cadillac & The Pimp Council)


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