SUGA FREE - Smell My Finger (2008)

01 It Is What It Is
02 Married To My Cadillac (ft. Porsha Jade)
03 Game Don't Wait (ft. Clue Dogg & Courtney Jade)
04 I Wanna Be Like You (ft. Sugga The Mob Boss)
05 Allergic To Bullshit
06 Keep Up The Bad Work
07 So Unpimpable
08 Maybe For Me, But Not For You (ft. Casino)
09 I'm So Text Book
10 I Need My Doe
11 Rabbit Food (ft. Young Slick)
12 So Sexy (ft. Daytone)
13 My Dice
14 Sana Sana
15 That's What's Up
16 Por Que Te Quiero
17 Damn


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